What do men want in a relationship


So I’ve been asked a lot of questions and it all balls down to WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT… Forget it men act strong but deep inside there are big babies, They just have their own ego that they’re not willing to break down.

Men too have their relationship needs it mustn’t be all about women, we need to talk about them sometimes ….

Based on my research this are 5 top things that men really want

1. They want you to accept them the way they are: Men are big babies, they leave their plates in the dish washer, they make noise when they are with their boys, they eat and leave the crumbs behind, they off their clothes and leave on the floor for you to pick it that’s because they’re big babies….. U Unconditional support us women is what will snap them out of their boyish behavior and inject them with the desire to be a stronger man.

2. They want to feel like your hero: Actually thru feel good when you make them feel like your hero, They actually want you to feel like they’re Superman and you’re the lady in distress.. it makes them feel manly, They want to feel invisible, Nothing actually makes them happy more happy when you’re happy😂…. They just want you to be happy trust me.

3. Communication: They want you to communicate with them, don’t mind them if they act all strong and all they appreciate every time they sit down to listen to you talk. They don’t actually know how to express they’re feelings they need guidance.

Don’t give them clues, don’t through it out to them communicate, knowing fully well that communication is the base or rather the foundation of every relationship.

4. They don’t like to be left in the dark: So many women don’t act tell they’re man how they feel cause they think they’ll actually rock the boat. The truth is that when you keep things from them you’re actually leaving them in the dark.

Couples grow and get stronger overcoming adversity, not by doing life separately. Know that every time you hold things in, you are building walls inside the sacred space of the relationship.

They don’t actually just want you to talk just for talking sake, they actually want to know how you feel.

5. Don’t complain when they go out with they’re guys: It’s the same when we go out with our girls, There’s a feeling when they’re with they’re guys that they can’t get from you. Just don’t complain cause they need that to stay sane sometimes …

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