How to Use WhatsApp on Laptop/desktop

WhatsApp is one of the leading social media, that is easy to used around the world right now. WhatsApp is built to send text message, share picture, file, videos with love once across the globe. On like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that have website, that you can go to there website and sign up if you Dont have phone, WhatsApp is basically build for phone, that means before you can use WhatsApp, you must have phone. But now revolution is now gradually taken place, of which WhatsApp now have windows app you can download and installed on your system. But even with that, you must be on WhatsApp with your phone before you can connect to your WhatsApp window app.

On these post we are going to teach how to connect WhatsApp from your phone to your window system.

Like we said earlier you must be on WhatsApp first with your phone before you can connect to window WhatsApp web.

So now let assumed you are on WhatsApp with your phone now, so let go on to install or go WhatsApp website on on computer window click on the this clink to download or go to WhatsApp website.

If you download the app on your system, locate the file, click on the file to install it on your system. Or when click on the link above, it shown a page which ask you to scan your barcode, now what you need to do is to open your WhatsApp on your phone,

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Now click on the 3 white dot on the top left side of the picture above, it take you to another page shown below

Now on the drop down menu show on the top left side of the picture above, you can see options given their. Click on WhatsApp web, when you click on WhatsApp web if you have never connect to WhatsApp web before it ask to scan the bar code from your window, then just set the camera to bar code which was display when you visit WhatsApp website link. It will scan and automatically connect to WhatsApp web, when ever your stop the connection, it automatically save it as shown below.

So anytime you can connect to it and start chatting with your desktop or laptop. Thanks for reading. any question or comment, channel it to our comment section below.

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